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Summer $ale

As any savvy cheapanista out there will tell you, the end of a season is always the right time to score on the best deals of the year. Since it’s almost fall, stores everywhere are marking down summer inventory to make way for new arrivals. When it comes to fashion, trends may come and go but out of season never means out of style, so we know that the best time to stock up on great pieces for next summer is right now. Here are 10 key summer wardrobe pieces you should focus on when cruising the clearance rack.

1. Maxi and Wrap Dresses: When it comes to being forgiving on weight gain, nothing comes close to the Maxi or the wrap. These two are truly the staples of summer. Look for bold prints when it comes to shopping for maxi dresses and bright colors for wrap dresses.

2. Bermuda Shorts: If booty shorts and Capris’ had a child, then the Bermuda shorts would be it. The fun, versatile and comfy look is in my opinion, the go to for summer. They look great with espadrilles, peep toes, blazers or just a plain tank tee.

3. Shoes: The four summer shoes that will never go out of style are flip-flops, embellished flats, wedges/espadrilles and my favorite go to shoe, the peep toe heels. Chances are, if you look in your closet, you have more than one pair of each of these styles mentioned.

4. Sunglasses: Aviators, wayfarer and (the not for everyone) Jackie O. oversized shades are what comes to mind. Make sure you get the second opinion of a trusted friend because nothing is worse than a face drowning in sunglasses- well maybe a face trying to eat one.

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timethief said...

I just purchased 2 pairs of bermuda shorts that were marked down to $10. and a bathing suit that was marked down to $25. Then when I was about to leave the shopping center I had a drink and sat on a bench. That's when I spied a very small shop that had a moving sale. I checked it out and came away with 4 high quality cotton tanks - 2 had lacy edges and bottoms and they were all just $5. each. I love end of season shopping. :)

Ajah said...

I see that I am not the only one who feels rewarded after getting a good deal. My latest Bermuda shorts cost me $7 and make my butt look bigger =). Happy end of summer shopping.

Barry said...

Capris do absolutely nothing for me!

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