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For as far as I can remember, my mother has always called me cheap. Even though I get my bargain hunting ways and love for layaway from her, she always chuckles when talk turns to my spending habits. But what my mother failed to realize- at least until recently, is that there is not only a method to my madness, but that this madness always gets me my money's worth.

For you see, I am a proud cheapanista. One who strives to look good without going broke in the process. From vacations to the shoes I won't live without, I am a firm believer that just because nothing in life is free it doesn't mean that we have to pay full price. I live for 75% off stickers, outlet malls and budget stores like Marshalls, TJ Maxx and yes, the occasional thrift and when it comes to getting more for less, let's just say that like any smart Cheapanista out there, I know my way around overpriced merchandise and how to get the look I desire for less, much less.

I am not talking about frugally recycling toilet paper or forgoing tooth brushing à la Jessica Simpson. I, along with countless people out there simply enjoy sticking it to designers, airlines, food chains and honestly, any business out there that values us as costumers who pay less than we should and get rewarded with coupons and buy one get one free deals. The same companies who like and appreciate me just the way I am: a fashion lover on a budget.

So if you know the thrill of hunting down a matching purse with the money you saved from buying those hot shoes on sale and the high from finding designer duds at Marshall's cheaper than you can on Ebay, you are not alone sister! You are a cheapanista: a cheap fashionista. Share

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