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Cheapanistas ♥ Sam Edelman

When it comes to feet,Sam Edelman shoes are some of the most fashionable and comfortable shoes on the planet. For the longest time, I've dreamt of owning a few pairs but just couldn't justify the prices to myself. Well, on one of my recent trips to a discount retail, I stumbled upon cheapanista heaven. Rows, upon rows of Sam Edelman, L.A.M.B, Coach and Michael Kors shoes at prices so low only Marshalls' could pull this off. Since I live in the beautiful State of Massachusetts where there are no sales taxes on shoes and clothing (I know you are jealous now), I bought the above pair on sale for $44. I love my Sammies so much I still keep them in the box when unworn.

But to be honest, the best part about owning a pair of the Daria sandals isn't the many compliments I get every time I step out in them or how beautiful they are ( and make my feet look). It's that at this very moment, they are still being sold at retail stores for $125 and up. So take that Sam Edelman. I ♥ you, but as a true cheapanista, I don't love you enough to give you more money than I really have to.

There are a lot of places online and off where you can find the same great shoes cheaper than at department or specialty stores. If the thought of waiting for a layaway to clear makes you wanna hurl, then look for places like HSN and QVC. They offer high quality products (anything from Kitchenware to designer duds) with flexpay options. And nothing beats cheap, interest free monthly payments. Share

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Fashionably Black said...

The shoes are cute. Love Sam Edelemans. Make sure you check out Burlington Coat Factory for discounts on Edelemans. I was able to get a pair of cute open toed leather boots from them for about $45.

Tough Cookie Mommy said...

I love the sandals and your blog looks great!

timethief said...

I want those sandals. But they are a perfect match for your dress, which I saw in another post so, I guess I'll have to get over my covetousness. :)

Cheapanista said...

@fashionably Black, there is no BCF in my town, but I wouldn't mind driving there if they carry SE for cheap. His shoes are awesome.
@TCM, Thank you so much, I love them both dearly, lol!
@Timethief, I went back to Marshall's and they were sold out. And you are right, they match my dress. Since I started blogging, I've been paying attention to my wardrobe and I have a lot of black and grey stuff. So my next goal is to stay away from such colors.

timethief said...

I just popped int to tell you that I gound a terrific bathing suit that was marked fown to $25. form $85. Although I diodn't realy think fuschia was my color my husband likes it, and my close girlfiends who I can trust to be brutally honest like it too. Shopping end of season clearnce racks is a great way to get stylish clothes for low prices.

EJae said...

Those shoes are really cute! They look comfy too. They would look good with a dress or skinnies.

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