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The best things in life are cheap.

I enjoy beauty treatments almost as much as I enjoy spending money wisely and paying less whenever I can. And if like me, your name isn't Elin Nordegren and you didn't just receive a $750 divorce settlement, chances are you do too. For the longest time, I spent money on my hair, nails and other necesitties without a care simply because I could afford it. But not anymore.

When my hair is not braided or weaved- which is always free courtesy of my mother, I spent $180 to have it washed and blown just the way I like with an additional $172 for French Mani/Pedis at a local nail spa- excluding tips. It's not a lot considering that it only adds up to $352 for an eight week period, but as the queen of thrifty I knew I could do better.

I recently started going to my local Cosmetology school to get my hair and nails done. And for the ridiculous prices they offer these services for, I don't mind that under the (close) supervision of a licensed cosmetologist, a student will wash, blow and iron or curl my hair for the amazingly low price of $11 and a quality hot oil french manicure costs me $5.

I grew up in Dakar,Senegal- where exfoliating skin in the shower is a daily routine. I still use the same scrubbing fishnets (sprinkled with baby oil) I used to whether I am taking a shower or a bath. But the one thing that always changes is the shower gel I fall in love with. My recent favorite was Bath & Body Works' $10.50 per 10 oz. That is until I discovered the better and much cheaper- at a mere $3.49 per 12 oz. version from Suave.

It's true that the best things in life are free and when it comes down to it nothing beats borrowing a must read book or the latest DVD release from the Library. Share

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timethief said...

Wow! Did you ever do fantastic on the hair and nails savings. I'm going to see if I can find the Suave shower gel version here in Canada. Thanks for the tips. :)

Ajah said...

I am sure you can find it at the CVS. It truly is amazing.

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